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We are committed to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions – both carbon dioxide and methane – for all of our electric and natural gas operations by 2050. We will achieve this ambitious goal while continuing to deliver reliable, affordable, clean energy. Learn more about our Net Zero goal.  Some of the ways we’re showing our commitment to clean energy include:

Offshore Wind
We are focused on delivering what our customers want — energy that is reliable and sustainable. Offshore wind generation is a critical resource for meeting our customers’ expectations around reducing carbon emissions. We have the largest offshore wind project under development in the United States. Once complete in 2026, around 180 wind turbines off the coast of Virginia will power up to 660,000 Dominion Energy Virginia customers’ homes.

Solar Generation
Dominion Energy is placing a priority on development of renewable energy. In just one year, we’ve quadrupled the amount of solar and wind generation in our 15-year plan. Our solar fleet, already the 3rd largest among US utility holding companies, will grow from a current output of 396 megawatts to approximately 16,000 megawatts by 2035. See our solar facilities.

Nuclear Energy
Our nuclear power program produces a safe, zero-emissions, highly reliable form of renewable energy for our customers—in fact, more than 90% of our total carbon-free electricity output comes from our nuclear power stations. Explore our nuclear energy program.

Electric Vehicles
As plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) gain popularity, we’re committed to studying and responding to customer interest in this zero-emission technology. Use our EV Toolkit to calculate savings, compare models, find incentives and more.

Renewable Natural Gas
Renewable energy comes from many sources, like the sun, the wind and hydroelectric dams. But did you know it also comes from farms, food and other organic waste? That’s right! We’re turning farm, food and other waste into clean energy for our customers. It’s called renewable natural gas, and it’s making the world a better place by reducing emissions, producing clean energy and providing new income for family farmers. Learn more.

We’re exploring the world’s most abundant element for clean, renewable energy. Hydrogen is an emerging clean energy source that could reduce the environmental impact of nearly every part of our daily lives. It can generate electricity, heat homes and buildings, power manufacturing and fuel transportation – all with few or zero emissions. Learn more about all the ways hydrogen can help Dominion Energy achieve net zero emissions, while also helping reduce emissions from other industries like transportation and manufacturing.