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LP Corporation

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LP Corporation – Booth #103


Purpose: We’re not simply a building solutions company. We have a bigger purpose—using our expertise and innovation to contribute to a better world. Building a Better World is why we engineer products that make a difference, help our people get involved in their communities, and ensure our processes remain sustainable for the environment.

Vision: Our vision is to be the leading building solutions company. We want to contribute the most innovative solutions to building professionals in the field who bring homes and structures to life every day. That means we won’t settle for being one of the many—we want to lead with authority in the building products industry.

Mission: LP’s mission is to provide an innovative and sustainable portfolio of high-quality products that help customers build beautiful, durable homes and structures while our shareholders build lasting value.

Values: LP is guided by a simple statement: “Do the right thing always.” This phrase represents our value system, which includes:

  • Trust in each other
  • Respect for each other, from roles and accountability to decision rights
  • Urgency in decision-making and actions
  • Transparency in goals, priorities and performance
  • Honesty in active dialogue instead of silent dissent