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Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

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Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) – Booth #L4

Responsible for administering laws and regulations related to air quality, water quality, water supply, renewable energy and land protection, DEQ is the environmental agency in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Through the work of nearly 800 employees at six regional offices across the state and the Central Office in Richmond, DEQ issues permits, conducts monitoring and inspections, and enforces the law. 

Virginia’s abundant natural resources provide a rich environment for people, plants and wildlife…and benefit agriculture, industry, commerce and economic development. To ensure the continued vitality of these precious and valuable resources, DEQ carries out its mission to protect and improve the environment for the health, well-being and quality of life of all Virginians.

Regulating pollution is complex. Pollution can travel long distances and affect residents in communities far from where the pollution was created. DEQ’s programs cover a wide variety of other activities, such as assisting businesses and local government agencies to go “above and beyond” regulations, encouraging volunteer actions and offering technical and financial support for improvements to our air and water. 

Meeting Virginia’s environmental challenges is a collective effort that involves communities, businesses, educators, government agencies and you. Every day, DEQ works to strengthen these relationships to underscore the important role everyone plays in protecting and enhancing our environment.