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Screeneze – Booth #513


It all began with the original SCREENEZE® System in 2003. SCREENEZE® came to fruition over the frustration with traditional methods. There had to be a better way than staples and spline. That way was SCREENEZE®. It is a no-spline, self-stretching system that allows for large panels and easy repair. The base secures to the post/column and the cap when pressed on, secures and stretches the screen fabric.

Recently, we released SNAPTRACK by SCREENEZE®. This product also uses SCREENEZE® Snap Technology but has some notable differences. We invented SNAPTRACK with the DIY installer in mind. Unlike traditional SCREENEZE®, SNAPTRACK installs to the face of your post/column. The aluminum base is a “T” shape and the screws are hidden under the vinyl cap!

SCREENEZE® and SNAPTRACK are the two main systems that we offer.