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Virginia Housing

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Virginia Housing – Booth #710


We’re working to ensure every Virginian has a place to call home. Stable households strengthen communities. We’ve spent 50 years making sure Virginians in every community have access to quality, affordable housing.

Since our beginning, Virginia Housing has provided 234,859 home loans, financed 137,672 rental units, and offered 305,812 people our free first-time homebuyer class.

Affordable housing is just the beginning. We’re invested in partnerships, transformation and empowerment for all Virginians. Because thriving communities start at home. Home empowers and helps grow communities so everyone can thrive. Together, we’re working to eliminate the affordable housing crisis. Affordable homes lead to successes that reach far beyond their property lines. By investing in the places where Virginians live, we’re transforming our neighborhoods for the good of all.