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Leah Fellows is a national online sales counselor trainer and speaker and has worked in the building industry since 2006. Prior to new home sales Leah spent 13 years traveling around the world as a backpacker, a dive instructor and a sailboat captain. She began her career in new home sales first as a site assistant, then as an Online Sales Counselor (OSC) for a large local builder in Virginia Beach. In 2010 she started Blue Gypsy Inc. and began working with builders around the country as a remote online sales counselor while assisting with digital marketing and social media with builders and building related companies. Eventually she began offering her services as a trainer to help builders craft the online sales program and hire and train OSC’s. Her background in sales and marketing with a degree in communication from Boston University contributes to her view of the big picture between marketing and sales. Her real-world experience in the building industry and travels around the world bring energy and life into everything she does.

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